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Bansal TMT is the leading iron industry in Madhya Pradesh established in 2007 Bansal is known for superior steel quality especially in the field of TMT Bars. Our TMT Bars are famous and highly demanded in the central region of India. We at Bansal TMT also believe in living up to a set of conventions and following them conscientiously in every sphere of our activities. The prime motive of the company is to deliver the best quality of steel products for building the nation The company manufactures durable, safe, and rust-resistant reinforcement TMT Rebars


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A Quality Product for Strong and Durable Construction


We are committed to maintaining quality products as per ISI standards. With new advancements and modern technologies in the construction process, Bansal TMT Sariya makes your construction earthquake-proof. It helps in enhancing the handling capacity of the building, thus, withstanding all the natural conditions.

Ductile and Strength

The ductile strength of a TMT sariya ensures superior structure. TMT Bars are having more Ductile nature, some of the most popular grades in TMT Bars are FE500, FE550, FE 500D. Bansal TMT bars feature, more strength and resilience than other reinforcement bars and that’s why it is considered the BEST for buildings and construction of the mega projects.

Quality Tested

We follow the industry quality measurements and standards to make TMT bars that give strength to your projects. The following tests are done in order to ensure the Best Quality TMT Bars:
Tensile Test, Yield Stress Test, Bend & Re-bend Test, Chemical Analysis Test

High Thermal Resistance

Thermal resistance property gives flexibility and strength to the TMT bar which, in turn, boosts the lifespan of the construction projects. Thermal resistance bars have high creep resistance and strength at high temperatures.

Bansal TMT Products


Longer life due to higher corrosion resistance Yield strength with good ductility and bendability


Yield strength with good ductility and bendability suitable for earthquake resistance construction


High Thermal Resistance and quality tested suitable for building and megaproject construction