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Contractors are solely responsible for completing the construction projects, from investing in quality raw materials and construction goods, to finally putting the end goods together, to get the structure ready.

Thus, it is extremely important to handle the projects to a potential contractor, so that a maximum output could be achieved. This responsibility of choosing the right contractor remains with the construction site owner.

In this blog, we have listed you the different types of contractorsto help differentiate between the ideal contractor you would require to get the construction business done.

Different types of contractors :

Following are the different types of contractors that you may encounter with;

1. General contractors :

General contractors are the ones who do not specialize in just one area but instead they lead a group of contractors across different areas of construction, both residential and commercial type. These types of contractors have extensive building skills that enable them to oversee a wide range of tasks.

Planning a home renovation or other, a general contractor will always serve as a smart choice, ensuring everything is done properly and in time.

General contractors also help you hire the right subcontractors to help assist in the working of home systems across a wide range of construction specialities, collectively and efficiently.

2. Design-build contractors :

Design build contractors are responsible for designing spaces according to the needs of the customers. If you are planning to purchase a piece of land and decide to go for gut renovation, a design-build contractor will help you design the appropriate architectural plans to suit your needs.

Such contractors solely lead the projects, with a whole team of specialists working under them. They make sure that each part of the project is compatible with the specifications involved in completing it.

They offer a comprehensive service that is ideal for people who want a streamlined experience and who want the job done without stagnancy and delays. On the other hand, design-build contractors save a lot of time for you.

3. Sub Contractors :

Sub contractors specialize in performing a specific type of task related to building your home. Handling the projects to a sub-contractor can help the project progress faster.

There are different types of sub-contractors responsible for building your house. Sub-contractors are most commonly used to install or build the following :

• Security system installation: responsible where to best install the security system cameras. They are aware of all the latest security systems and how to link them in a connected home.

• Electrical wiring: periodic electrical code updates may change the types of breakers and outlets a home can have and determine their numbers or placements in specific rooms. Licensed electricians are well versed in handling this typically hazardous type of work.

• Plumbing: plumbers are responsible for putting the pipelines for water, sewage, or drainage. They have the right knowledge regarding newer types of plumbing products that can increase utility efficiency in your house.

• Masonry: laying rockwork versus brick installation, each requires a specific skill to ensure tight, moisture-proof construction. Masons know how to lay patterns and make intricate and complex cuts in interior and exterior stonework.

• Concrete: these types of subcontractors ensure the concrete used in houses has the right consistency, additives, and finish. They also know how to seal it properly to keep the structures durable.

Roofing: from flat aggregate roofs to asphalt, tile, steel, solar panels, and rubberized steel, each type of roofing has its own specialist. Roofing specialists also prevent problems that might lead to later damage.

• Painting and wallcovering: Experts in painting and wall finishing have the knowledge and equipment necessary to prepare surfaces for painting. They might also be able to apply textured wall treatments.

• Kitchen cabinets: you customize your kitchen cabinets by hiring the specialists who are expert cabinet makers and carpenters that offer unique solutions that maximize usable space. They are responsible for installing high-quality durable cabinets.

• Finished carpentry: Finish carpenters ensure that millwork or built-ins look professional by combining technical skill with artistic finesse.


We hope that the above differentiated information will help you choose the right contractor for your house, based on your needs and requirements.