bansal tmt sariya Building Your Dreams

India’s steel sector is continuously expanding in leaps & bounds owing to India being the second largest producer of steel in the world, and the third-largest consumer.

Since India's steel sector has grown so much over the years, many people now view it as a safer alternative for their professional and economic development. Therefore, if you want to start a business in the construction materials sector, you can do so by forming a partnership with any well-known brands or by becoming a dealer with any of the reputed TMT manufacturing companies.

In this blog we give you complete information regarding the Bansal TMT Sariya dealership, which includes dealership cost, profit margin, licenses, etc. and how to apply for the dealership?

Licenses and Registrations Required:

Following documents and licenses are required to start a Bansal TMT dealership.

1. Security Deposit Amount

2. GST

3. PAN Card

4. Bank Statements

5. 3 Blank Cheques

6. 1 Letterhead for application

7. 2 Photographs

8. Company agreement Rs.100/- Stamp

Profit Margin in Bansal TMT Dealership

Upon review of your performance after six months after the introduction of cash and carry system, if your performance is found satisfactory to the expectation of the Company, you may be offered credit facility at the sole discretion of the Company.

How to get a Bansal TMT Dealership

To get a Bansal TMT steel dealership, you need to contact your area sales officer.

Once you get in touch with the area sales manager, he will guide you about the next steps you must follow to become a dealer with Bansal TMT Sariya.

There should not be any other Bansal TMT dealer in a 2-3 kilometer radius of your shop. If there is any Bansal TMT Sariya, TMT bar dealer nearby, then the chances of you getting a dealership are very less.

How to contact Bansal TMT ?

You can call Bansal TMT Sariya, by contacting at any of the following numbers: +91-9109176304, +91-9109176302

You can also contact them at theirofficial website to get contact details.Or you can visit us at,

ADDRESS: E-5, Tawa Complex, 3rd Floor, Bittan Market, Bhopal (M.P.) MAIL US AT: bansalt[email protected]

About Bansal TMT Sariya :

Bansal TMT Sariya is one of the leading TMT bar producers in central India, with a vast network of dealers around the region. The company is a well-established flagship company of Bansal Group, operating in the business of steel manufacturing since 2007.

Bansal TMT Sariya manufactures steel rebars of different grades and sizes, which include FE 500, FE 500D & FE 550.

TMT bars manufactured by Bansal TMT Sariya are ISO & BIS certified, Quality tested, Corrosion resistant, and Earthquake proof.

The company has its major market in Bhopal, with Ashta (Dist. Sehore) being the second major market.