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All TMT bars come with ribs; these ribs have a motive as they are meant to increase the structural strength of the bars.

The TMT bars are used in construction as they tend to improve the structural strength of the structures, by providing them flexibility, and hence increasing their longevity.

Why do TMT bars come with ribs? What all different kinds of ribs are there and what importance do they hold? We have got you all covered here,

Importance of ribs on TMT bars:

  • Presence of ribs on TMT bars is important to hold the concrete firm and in place by providing a strong bonding between the TMT bar and the concrete.
  • Due to ribs, the structure becomes strong and can withstand conditions like earthquakes and other natural calamities, thus TMT bars with ribs are specially considered for high seismic zone areas.
  • The ribs on the TMT bars help distribute the load of the structure evenly. Especially preferred for high-story buildings and structures.
  • Ribs also ensure a better grip in concrete, which reduces the possibility of slipping during construction, thus avoiding any kind of disasters & mishappenings during the construction.
  • Due to the excellent bonding that TMT bars provide to the structures, it reduces the maintenance cost, eventually minimizing the overall cost of construction.
  • The above-mentioned factors make TMT bars highly suitable for RCC and privatized construction. Therefore, increasing the lifespan of the structures, making them more durable.

Types of ribs on TMT bars:

1. Reinforced Steel Bars

Primarily used in RCC constructions, the ribs are circular or semi-circular in cross-section.

2. Ribbed Reinforced Bars

These are the crosswise ribs present along the entire length of the reinforced steel bars.

3. Longitudinal Rib

Uniform and consistent pattern of ribs present along the vertical dimensions of the bar.

4. Transverse Rib

These are the ribs present on the outside of the steel TMT bars, other than the longitudinal ones. From the above mentioned, this might be clear as of now, that ribs are meant to support and provide bonding between the concrete & the bars.

It is always preferred to buy bars with transverse ribs. Do not purchase the bars with X pattern ribs. While using the bars for slab construction, do not bend them along the longitudinal ribs.

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