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We know that Rebar is a crucial component for construction. Before beginning any significant project, contractors make sure to select TMT rebar of the highest quality, one that is able to tolerate disruptions caused by changes in weather patterns or by any other significant reason.

However, what significance does rebar carry when used with concrete? And why it is important, these queries often go unanswered. Here, we describe what rebar is. What does it do to concrete, and when is it actually necessary?

What is rebar?

A rebar or a reinforcement bar is used to improve the tensile strength of the concrete since concrete is generally very weak in tension but is strong in compression. Rebars are often used with concrete, provide tensile strength to them, and are generally meant to increase the strength of the buildings & structures. It is generally made up of steel and comes in a variety of sizes and grades.

Why reinforcement does to concrete?

Concrete on its own does not make good structural material. There are just too many sources of tension that it can not resist by itself. So, in most situations, we add reinforcement to improve its tensile strength. Reinforcement within concrete creates a composite material, with the concrete providing strength against compressive stress while the reinforcement provides strength against tensile stress.

The most common type of reinforcement used in concrete is deformed steel, more commonly known as rebar. While concrete is strong in compression, it is weak in tension, whereas steel is strong in tension and weak in compression. Steel bars provide high tensile strength, are more resistant to tension, these have greater tensile strength, even greater than timber & glass. Thus, the use of rebar works great for most reinforcement situations!

Does concrete needs reinforcement?

Reinforcement is necessary for most applications of concrete, to add tensile strength, and to change the failure mode from brittle to ductile. But concrete does not always require reinforcement. Although using steel for concrete reinforcements in large-scale projects like buildings, walls, and driveways that support heavy loads is common, it is unfeasible to spend more money on building materials for smaller projects that don't necessarily need the added security that steel reinforcements provide.

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