bansal tmt sariya Building Your Dreams

Whether you’re building your own house or working on mega marvel construction projects, choosing the right and the best TMT bar for your projects is always confusing, and going for the one that ensures safety is also a big concern. You can be assured of maximum safety and strength for your upcoming projects with Bansal TMT Sariya, A new benchmark of Strength, Trust, and Quality, to provide unmatched differences to every construction.

Quality Tested

We use best-in-class technology, industry quality assessments tests, and have excellent laboratory facilities. All incoming raw materials and outgoing finished goods undergo stringent quality checks.

We are committed to delivering the best products, to cut costs and save time in the construction process that’s why we are always updated with the latest technology and do enhancements in our technology too as per industry standards.

Maximum Strength

Give trust, strength, and reliability to your creation with high ductility TMT Bars, with Greater Strength, Higher Elongation, and Better Earthquake Resistance. We Used 100% Billets for the making of the TMT Steel bar. It gives more strength to your modern construction.

Bansal TMT rebar, are earthquake-resistant, corrosion-free, and have bendability, weldability, and strong bonding properties that support all types of Heavy construction including dams, houses, bridges, malls, etc...

TMT Grades

Bansal TMT Highly demanded grades are Fe500 CRS, FE 550CRS, FE500D CRS for every construction and housing project in Central India.

Invest in safety that keeps you safe from natural disasters, and create marvels in your construction projects with Bansal TMT, the perfect match of strength & flexibility when it comes to choosing the best for the strongest constructions.

Bansal TMT Sariya has always been performance-driven to all the constructions; quality is the main USP of our products. Bansal TMT is a leading and certified TMT Bar manufacturer at Bhopal in MP. Our high-end steel products are currently used in various construction projects across the industry.