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Tmt bars are one of the widely used construction materials and the most essential ones. Not just they are meant to provide safety to the structures, but also assure their longevity and durability.

When it comes to residential construction, there are some specific grades that builders consider using. These bars provide strength to the building structures, are highly ductile thus can be used for various purposes when it comes to house construction like they can be used in slab construction, in pillars, for the construction of ceilings.

We provide you a quick guide about the different grades of TMT bars available in the markets and which one you should consider while you go for house construction.

Common grades of TMT bars available in the markets

Depending on the quality of providing the overall protracted vitality of the structures like safeguarding your houses in high seismic zone areas, and the type of construction they are used for, TMT bars have been differentiated into different grades, the most common grades that are available in the markets are

Fe 415 : the numeric in these represent the yield stress of the bars, the higher the number the greater is the strength of the bars.

Fe 415 grade bars are used fundamentally for the development of RCC construction structures, and could be used in areas of moderate corrosion as well as earthquake prone areas. Fe 415 implies that the yield strength of the bar is 415 N/mm2

Variability of the properties of the different grade rebars have a huge impact on the security of the structure.

Fe 500 : rebars of grades like Fe 500 and Fe 500D have the lowest amounts of sulphur and phosphorus, making them ideal for all sorts of construction.

A higher sulphur content makes the steel more flammable, whereas a higher phosphorus content makes the steel bar more brittle.

These grades are highly resistant to prominent corrosion, extremely flexible and are resistant to dynamic loading. Therefore, it is utilised in the RCC construction of buildings, bridges, and substantial concrete constructions.

Fe 550 : These bars are particularly suitable for maritime, seaside, and subsurface building projects. Mechanical projects, scaffolds, and other building structures that need to support a lot of weight can employ these grade bars.

It is primarily used in the RCC construction of bridges, buildings and large construction projects

Fe 600 : Fe 600 is one of the toughest grades available to construction companies, looking to build rock solid structures like bridges and maritime offices, among others.

These bars tend to provide more rigidity to the structures, lower overall usage and ensure less steel clogging inside the support, thus it is employed in large RCC construction projects.

Best TMT bar for residential construction

An ideal bar for residential construction needs perfect elongation, stability, length, diameter, flexibility and appreciable tensile strength.

A lower grade is generally used in small scale construction projects like houses and other residential properties. Lower grades with greater flexibility can be easily bent to complex shapes, thus can be employed for the construction of slabs, pillars, columns , ceilings and in the filling of walls.

The grade also varies depending on the seismic zone area the construction has to be done in. An area that is more prone to earthquakes and other natural calamities, should employ the use of more ductile and higher grade TMT rebars like steel bars of grade 500 and more will be best suitable for such type of constructions.

Another factor to consider while carrying out construction in high seismic areas is to consider using TMT bars with higher ductility. The more ductile the bar is the more stability it provides to the structure. Thus steel bars like Fe 550D and others will be highly suitable for such constructions.

While choosing to construct a house of your dreams there shouldn't be any possibility for compromise when selecting the building materials, choose and employ the highest quality suitable materials to cut down on the future maintenance cost.

Bansal TMT Sariya provides best TMT bars with available grades Fe 500, Fe 500D and Fe 550, suitable for both residential and commercial construction projects.