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Rust or corrosion is one of the biggest enemies of buildings and structures. Corrosion is often termed as a silent killer which keeps on eating the building materials from inside, and eventually damaging the structure. To avoid the same your contractor might suggest you to use corrosion resistant tmt bars and other quality construction materials that will ensure the safety of your building by increasing its longevity.

In this blog we tell you about the points you should consider while constructing your house to make it corrosion resistant in the longer run.

How does corrosion attack RCC structures?

When steel comes in contact with moisture and oxygen, it is attacked by corrosion. Corrosion is an electrochemical process which leads to a gradual deterioration of materials when they are exposed to oxygen and moisture.

Essentially anything that is made up of iron- that is anything which includes steel, immediately gets rusted, upon exposure to air and water.

How easily and quickly the material gets corroded depends upon the levels of its exposure, how long it is exposed and the type of air it is exposed to, which is why the structures and materials in coastal and tropical areas are more susceptible to being corroded.

Points you should keep in mind while constructing a building to make it corrosion free

There are certain points that should be kept in mind when deciding to construct any building structure, which would increase its durability and would save you a lot of time and cost on the future maintenance. Diligently abiding by the below mentioned points will certainly help prevent building corrosion.

1. Get the best quality TMT bars from a reputable tmt bar company

While choosing to build a structure which must be resistant to corrosion you should begin with choosing the right corrosion resistance building materials, choosing the best quality corrosion resistant TMT bars is one essential step to get started.

For example, TMT steel manufactured using the Thermex technology are intrinsically rust resistant. Often manufacturing companies tend to add other ally metals like copper, nickel and chromium to the base materials to make their TMT bars highly corrosion resistant.

At last to ensure that the TMT bars you incorporate in your building structures should be highly corrosion resistant steel tmt bars and of A-one quality, purchase the rebars from a reputable manufacturer and dealer.

2. Use correct construction practices

After choosing the right building materials like quality concrete and corrosion resistant tmt bars, the possibility of structures getting damaged due to corrosion still exist thus the next step should be to practice the right construction procedure, like leaving the TMT bars completely covered and watertight. As any gap or leakage would lead to a formation of rust on the TMT bars used in columns and other structures.

The worst is any rust developed inside the columns or structures could only be discoverable when the structures completely weakens and there is no scope left for improvement. Thus using correct construction practices while constructing a building could be the only rescue to save buildings from getting corroded overtime.

3. Periodic check & maintenance should be done

Regardless how well the construction has been done, regular checks and maintenance is extremely necessary. Simple checks such as ensuring no amount of water is collected around the structures for a noticeable duration, or making repairs without delays can guarantee the durability of the building.

If there happens to be any fault or need for maintenance in the structures, it could be identified early and in time , refraining the buildings from further damage. Thus regular checks ensure the longevity of the RCC structures.


Factors such as areas prone to rust formation or areas with less damaging environmental conditions, for once could be overlooked while constructing a building. But it is extremely essential to incorporate the use of best quality building materials and plan for a long term to cut off on the maintenance cost in future.

Choosing the highest quality materials like corrosion resistant materials, highest quality concrete and corrosion resistant steel tmt bars might become tight on your budget but it would certainly be worth it in the long run as this would make the structure corrosion protected.