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Negotiation is a skill not owned by many. When choosing a contractor to get your house constructed, it is necessary that you understand the importance of negotiating with the contractor so that it doesn’t get too heavy in your pocket.

In this blog, we tell you the right tips you must follow to get the negotiations going with a contractor.

1. Set a positive tone :

To get started, make sure you choose the correct tone to build a long-term association with your contractor. In most cases, it's true that some contractors might take advantage, but a little kindness goes a long way. Thus, treat them with respect, consider their suggestions, doing this will help you build a good rapport with your contractor, which will eventually benefit you.

Making sure you remain in communication with them throughout the working process, this will help eliminate the problems by nipping them in the bud itself instead of waiting for them to become an unavoidable issue by the time the project finishes.

2. Ask for multiple bids :

When you are deciding on the contractor for your project , it is important to get bids from at least three contractors, and let them know about it. This will get them an idea that you are concerned with keeping the costs down.

You can do extensive research both online and offline, to find out if the price of your bid matches that of the other people or if it is much higher than the rates going in your area.

3. Get the details in writing :

Before signing anything in return, work out all the project details. This includes any doubts you might have regarding the project. Ask the contractor to give the itemized quotes for expenses related to the project, including labour and materials costs. If you want the project to get completed by a set date, make sure you get that in writing too.

Getting things in writing gives you credibility and maintains the reliability of the work to be completed in time without external inputs.

4. Explain your budget plan clearly :

While working with a contractor, it is good if you discuss your budget. Make sure your contractor knows that you are low on budgets - in such a case, consider giving them a figure lower than what you can afford.

Never give them a high-end figure for the maximum that you can afford. This can help you stay within budget even if unexpected costs come up during the project.

5. Ask for help to reduce trim costs :

If you feel like the quoted bid is too high, ask for the contractor to keep them down considering your budget, ensure doing this during the bidding phase itself. This would enable them to rethink things keeping your budget in mind.

Treat the contractor like an ally, remember they need your project as much as you need them on board. If you remain open about the cost concerns since the beginning, they would definitely try to meet you halfway.

6. Be resourceful in your efforts to lower the price :

If you are looking to renovate your house, you can consider bidding the deal according to the season in which you are deciding to get your house built. Prices of certain home renovations fluctuate seasonally, so it is best to get an idea about which season you need to get the construction started so it fits your budget.

7. Understand who to call if things go wrong :

Although rare, it is possible that you might encounter situations where the contractor isn’t delivering what he promised to you. In such a case, you are either required to call your lawyer or insurance company to get the things in line.

Going for this process will be both expensive and tedious, so it is better that you communicate with your contractor in case of possible dissatisfaction.


Building a house is a one-time job. You would want the things to fit well in the first go to avoid later disappointments. Thus, it is necessary that you keep the lines of communications open with your contractor throughout the process of construction to avoid discrepancies at any point of time.