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You usually know if the TMT bars you use as the base of your construction fit the quality criteria. There are several parameters that you can check it. Its quality can be checked based on its durability, strength, and corrosion resistance.

However, how do you know if those TMT bars are up to the set quantity standard? The steel bar bending schedule is the total quantity of TMT bars needed for a particular construction. As per the current standard, 15+ steel bars are required in a single column.

TMT bars are one of the significant components of your home that makes it fire and earthquake resistant. Already a lot has been read about the quality parameters for standard TMT bars. But, on the other hand, there's not much light shed on the bar bending schedule, its estimate and its advantages.

The bar bending agenda comprises every wanted particular of the bar, such as the shape of bending, length of bent and straight portions, diameters, angles of bending, number of types of bars, and its overall size.

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Below are some critical tips that you should remember regarding the steel bar bending schedule.

• TMT bars should be kept in a group.

• Bars should be kept in numerical order.

• Length should be bent separately.

• Each bar should be labelled correctly in the bundle.

• The bar's length, size, and shape should be placed correctly.

• The cutting length should be calculated.

Why Calculate The Steel Requirements Before Construction?

It is crucial to understand the requirements of TMT steel before construction because not all materials are created equally. The kind of steel used will eventually affect the material you choose and even the structure's design. Below are a few reasons for the need to calculate the steel requirements before construction.

• The bar bending schedule of TMT gives you better control over the structure and helps balance the structural framework. It also helps in appropriate planning and budgeting.

• It gives you better command over insulation, as the thickness of concrete used in a structure makes a difference in the comfort level throughout.

• Use TMT bars suitable for your client, such as those that can withstand extreme temperatures.

• It provides an idea of the longevity of the structure. The amount and type of TMT used using the bar bending schedule calculation gives the right idea

about how long the building will last. It also provides the idea of how long it can withstand various conditions.

How Are Steel Requirements Calculated?

The steel requirements can be calculated with the calculation for the slab. To evaluate the construction cost, it is necessary to estimate steel reinforcement quantity for footing, beam, column, slab etc.

To calculate the required quantity of steel for the RCC slab (Reinforced Cement Concrete), the first step would be measuring the length, thickness and width in meters.

Once you get the necessary measurements, multiply them to get the volume of the RCC slab in cubic meters. Then multiply one per cent of the slab's volume by the steel density. This will give you the steel required for the slab in kilograms.

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The Applications Of The Steel Bar Bending Schedule

Here are some uses of the steel bar bending schedule.

• Bar bending schedule makes it easier to gauge steel's quality.

• Provide appropriate estimation of steel for a particular construction, preventing a lot of waste.

• Precise bar bending fastens the speed of construction.

• The bar bending schedule provides the exact measurement and quantity of steel required for the particular construction. This leads to a lowering of transportation costs.

Bansal TMT bars also use the bar bending schedule to calculate the precise requirements of the quantity of steel while ensuring appropriate quality standards.

The Advantages Of Using Bansal TMT Bars

There are numerous advantages of using Bansal TMT Bars, as they are built with complete trust and transparency. Some reasons you should opt for Bansal TMT Bars are listed below.

• It has excellent strength to withstand harsh conditions.

• Great durability

• Corrosion-resistant can be used in seismic zones.

• It comes in all different sizes and lengths.

• Precise ductility

The Final Say

Bar bending schedule is essential to estimate the quantity of steel required in construction to avoid high cost, wastage and transportation. Bansal TMT keeps in mind the needs of its clients while making the TMT with the trust it has built since its inception. As a result, it ensures better quality steel and solid foundations for your dream constructions.