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The roof of the house is one of the most important features that protects your house and also supports the design structure.

A quality roof should be built with materials that provide extreme durability to the structure. It should be able to withstand strong winds, resist UV rays, should be fire proof and prevent leaking by diverting the rain water away from the home.

To construct a roof we look for the availability of the best quality material that will support both longevity and durability of the structure.

In this blog we brief you on how to choose the best quality TMT bars for the construction of a roof, and how to locate the trusted TMT suppliers in Bhopal.

Common Construction Materials Required to Create a Roof

The roof is generally formed out of the two primary materials that are rebar and concrete. Concrete is a mix of different construction materials like cement, coarse aggregate, sand, etc. Below we have mentioned how these materials actually support the roof structure.

1. Cement

cement is the most commonly used concrete material it helps bind the concrete together along with other materials. A high quality cement keeps the structures secure from weather elements such as sunlight, wind and rain.

If a good quality cement is not used along with the TMT bars in the construction of the roof, this will allow the roof to sag, compromising on the integrity of the structure. Contractors suggest always using a high quality cement with qualities like resistance to water absorption and the cement which is not damp.

2. Coarse aggregate

the term coarse aggregate is used to refer to sand, gravel and broken stones. It is meant to provide the desired strength and durability to the structures. The coarse aggregate used in the construction of houses ideally are 20mm or less in size. You are required to inspect the quality and size of the coarse aggregate before purchasing it for construction purposes, as a fine quality coarse aggregate is necessary to support the strength of the concrete for roof formation.

3. Fine aggregate

fine aggregates comprises natural sand or any crushed stone particles that are less than 9mm in size. Some types of fine aggregates include pit sand, river sand and sea sand. Primary characteristic of a good quality sand is that it is mostly free from impurities. The other feature is that it should react with other components of a concrete like cement and others and should not absorb water. Apart from being used in slab construction they are also used for preparing mortar for masonry work.

4. TMT bars

although cement is commonly responsible to provide the strength to the roof or slab, it has no tensile strength. Therefore TMT bars are used along with cement to increase its tensile strength. TMT bars ensure protection from earthquakes and other calamities of the nature that might harm the structure. TMT bars of high quality and high grades are ideal for a quality construction.

Looking for TMT suppliers in Madhya Pradesh ?

If you are looking for brilliant quality TMT suppliers in Madhya Pradesh, explore Bansal TMT bars. Made using quality steel and advanced manufacturing procedure, our TMT bars are :

1. Earthquake resistant

With the use of new advancements and modern technologies in the construction process, Bansal TMT Sariya makes your construction earthquake-proof. It helps in enhancing the handling capacity of the building, thus, withstanding all the natural conditions.

2. Quality tested

We follow the industry quality measurements and standards to make TMT bars that give strength to your projects. The following tests are done in order to ensure the Best Quality TMT Bars: Tensile Test, Yield Stress Test, Bend & Re-bend Test, Chemical Analysis Test.

3. Highly ductile

The ductile strength of a TMT sariya ensures superior structure. TMT Bars are having more Ductile nature, some of the most popular grades in TMT Bars are FE500, FE550, FE 500D. Bansal TMT bars feature more strength and resilience than other reinforcement bars and that’s why it is considered the BEST for buildings and construction of the mega projects.

4. High resistance to heat

Resistance to heat or Thermal resistance property gives flexibility and strength to the TMT bar which, in turn, boosts the lifespan of the construction projects. Thermal resistance bars have high creep resistance and strength at high temperatures.

5. ISO & BIS certified

Our products are both ISO & BIS certified. We are committed to maintaining quality products as per ISI standards. With the innumerable characteristics that Bansal TMT Sariya possess, your search for excellent quality TMT rebars in the state of Madhya Pradesh ends here.