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Production of Tmt bars is a lengthy process, there are a series of steps involved from turning iron ore to iron to finally producing the steel billets which eventually are manufactured into a TMT rebar.

Apart from the regular manufacturing process there are some specific procedures that are taken into account for the production of TMT bars. One such over a decade-old procedure is the Tempcore process to produce the reinforced TMT bars.

The Tempcore process is one of the thermo-mechanical processes which was developed in the early seventies by Centre de Recharche Metallurgiques(CRM).

CRM Group, is a company based in Leige, Belgium, its activities are primarily focused on the manufacture, processing, coating, and application of metallic products. They provide technology and R&D solutions with a focus on the creation of novel products and processes that provide value for its industrial partners.

In this blog we enlighten you about this particular manufacturing process for the production of TMT bars.

What is the Tempcore Process?

Mild steel billets are processed using the Tempcore method to create high yield strength weldable rebars without abandoning their ductility or adding micro alloying components.

It is one of the most effective processes for the production of TMT bars, the process is based on the heat treatment principle.

The main benefit of producing TMT bars using this method is that the end products have greater qualities and advantages than those produced using any other method of producing rebars.

The tempcore process works to improve the quality and strength of the TMT bars by rapid cooling, then re-heating and finally compressing to obtain a product of exemplary strength and ductility.

First the steel billets are heated and rolled in the mills and then after are given their final size and shapes as bars the bars are then ready to be processed through the tempcore process.

Advantages of tempcore process of TMT bars

There are numerous advantages of the tempcore process that make this process reliable for the production of effective quality TMT bars and make it widely considered among the many processes that are followed for manufacturing the TMT bars.

Below mentioned are the advantages of this process :

  • Brings down the total steel consumption.
  • Worldwide recognised steel quality at affordable rates
  • High return quality with high stretching
  • Greater thermal stability
  • All possible grades are widely and easily accessible
  • High bond quality
  • Usability prompting less development time
  • Generally appropriate for high seismic zones.

Depending on the qualities needed for the steel's eventual use, there are many heat treatment techniques to choose from. One of the most dependable processes for reinforced materials is heat treatment. Additionally, it might be used to change some of the mechanical characteristics of the bars, such as improving their weldability, etc.

Characteristics of tempcore certified bars :

The bars produced through tempcore process has the following advantages :

  • An increased strength of the bars.
  • excellent weldability
  • erosion-safe
  • fire and earthquake proof
  • impressive bendability & pliability.
  • High mechanical properties

The use of TMT steel bars manufactured with the tempcore process is now widely known and accepted. TMT bars processed through tempcore procedure are utilized for the construction of large industrial projects and high rise building structures, both in privatized and commercial sectors.

The acceptance and use of tempcore TMT steel bars is only supposed to increase in the days to come.