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Given the ongoing environmental pollution, making environment-friendly products is a trending business priority. There's no better method of product production than using environmentally friendly steel.

Utilising steel guarantees minimal environmental harm because steel is known for maintaining its properties even when recycled. Considering these factors, steel reinforcement bars (TMT Rebars) are a great, environmentally friendly option for your construction requirements.

Table Of Contents

1. What Are TMT Rebars?

2. What Is RCC In Construction?

3. The Production of TMT Rebars

4. Advantages Of TMT Rebars In Construction

5. Instructions For Steel Reinforcement

6. The Final Say

What Are TMT Rebars?

Did you ever ponder the popularity of TMT bars? What about these bars makes them a building's primary support? Well, the manufacturing process of TMT rebars is its secret. Its quality is evaluated based on the raw materials used and the intensity of thermo-mechanical processing.

TMT Rebars are steel reinforcement bars (Rebars) undergone extensive thermo mechanical treatment (TMT). They are helpful in reinforced cement concrete (RCC) work and large-scale construction projects due to their high strength and flexibility.

What Is RCC In Construction?

In 1853, French Industrialist François Coignet used reinforced cement concrete (RCC) to build a four-story house in Paris. That was the first RCC used in a building project. Since then, it has been used to construct one of the tallest structures in the world.

Basically, RCC is a composite substance with exceptional strength and durability. Using the appropriate moulds or formworks, concrete can be moulded into any shape and size, just like clay.

Additionally, it can be made anywhere by combining its components in the proper proportions. Over time, it gradually gains power, which aids in efficient onsite operations.

The Production of TMT Rebars

The production process of TMT Rebars involves the following steps:

• Rolling- The mild steel bars are rolled into the desired shape and size.

• Quenching- The hot rolled bars are rapidly cooled by spraying water. This process quenches the outer layer of the bars, leaving the inner core hot.

• Tempering- The bars are then subjected to controlled heating in a furnace. The core of the bars is heated between the temperatures of 500 and 600 degrees Celsius. This heat treatment alters the microstructure of the steel, resulting in strong, ductile, and corrosion-resistant (CRS) TMT bars.

Advantages Of TMT Rebars In Construction

TMT Rebars in reinforced concrete structures offer several advantages over conventional mild steel bars. These advantages include the following:

1. High Strength

TMT Rebars have a higher yield strength than conventional mild steel bars, making them more resistant to deformation and damage.

2. Ductility

TMT Rebars are more ductile than conventional mild steel bars. They can tolerate high-stress levels and deformation without breaking or losing structural integrity.

3. Corrosion Resistance

TMT Rebars have a protective oxide layer that forms on their surface during the quenching process. This layer protects the bars from corrosion and extends their lifespan.

4. Easy Workability

TMT Rebars are easy to work with and can be bent and shaped to fit the design requirements of the reinforced concrete structure.

Instructions For Steel Reinforcement

The following factors must be considered for appropriatesteel reinforcement.

1. No loose rust, oil paint, dirt, dust, etc., should be present

2. Preferably stacked above the earth and kept dry from any water deposits

3. Should be correctly fixed by using the correct size of binding wires at the necessary intervals

4. Cover blocks, chairs, spacers, extra supporting bars, and laps should be used to secure the object. The engineer in charge should guide the proper placement of the laps

5. Should be positioned and secured so that concrete can be poured without any division and compressed by an immersion vibrator that is the appropriate size for the work

The Final Say

TMT Rebars are an essential component of reinforced concrete structures. They offer several advantages over conventional mild steel bars. Their use ensures the safety, durability, and longevity of the structures they reinforce.

Most of India's regions, including West Bengal, Bihar, Assam, etc., are in a strong seismic zone. Therefore, always make sure to purchase the best quality TMT bars. Bansal TMT Bars have the ideal balance of strength and flexibility.