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Whether it is a privatized or commercial or small scale or large-scale construction, TMT bars are an important building material for it. Thus, providing the customers with a quality right grade TMT bar makes a world of difference. There are different grades and sizes of TMT bars available in the market. In this particular blog, we discuss the FE-550 grade TMT bars  and how employing them makes the construction of buildings strong and sturdy? 

What are FE-550 grade bars and their characteristics?

The tensile strength of the fe 550 tmt bars is much more than that of the other grade TMT bars available in the market. This property of the bars makes them ideal for use in construction projects that have more arenas. 

FE-550 bars have application in the following construction type, mechanical undertakings, scaffolds, and other structures that need to endure a lot of weight, especially ideal for underground construction projects, marine projects, beach front properties and more. Bridges and marine construction companies use FE-550 grade TMT bars due to their robust strength that doesn’t deteriorate with time.

What makes FE-550 the best bet for sturdy construction?  

There are certain features of the FE-550 grade TMT bars that make them ideal for strong and sturdy construction. These are;

1. Tensile strength: - 

as FE-550 possesses greater tensile strength, they can bear heavy loads quite easily. 

2.Twin ribbed TMT bars: - 

twin ribbed FE-550 are top-notch grades of high strength deformed bars, as per the Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS). The unique design of the bars enhances grip to concrete, which adds life to construction and a cutting edge over others.

3.Weather resistance: - 

FE-550 bars are also resistant to weather conditions like water and heat. Dual ribbed technology further enhances its resistance to these conditions. This property of the bars provides strength and protection to the building. 

4.Not the average TMT: -  

another reason why FE-550 grade bars stand out is because of a highly comprehensive five-stage manufacturing process that the bars have to go through. 

5.Extra ductile -  

these bars are also more ductile and thus possess the capacity to absorb energy beyond the regular yield limits, which also makes them resistant to earthquake and other natural calamities. 

For ensuring better durability of the structures and to make them safe from any natural calamities, it is advised to purchasecorrosion resistant tmt bars

The price of the bars, although they vary according to demand and market statistics, the Fe550 tmt bars price


Along with the above-mentioned features and characteristics that the FE-550 bars possess, what makes them the most popular choice as an input material when constructing a strong and sturdy structure is the need to bear the excessive load. 

Whether it's industrial, large-scale infrastructure projects like bridges or structures requiring high load bearing capacities, FE-550 steel bars are the ideal steel TMT bars.   

For higher weldability, better ductility and higher ultimate strength, you must always choose to buy the best quality TMT bars from Bansal TMT Sariya.